- June 22, 2012 – Press Release

Launching the Fun Caricature Series from Personal Art!!

Easy Caricature Portrait from Photo

If you ask what kind of art form can be both insulting and complimentary at the same time, the answer can only be Caricature Art. Enhancing a person’s most pronounced features, while showing a background of all sweetness and nicety, caricature art can portray all that you want and with elan.
Globally popular for predicting snotty politicians and naughty celebrities, it comes as no surprise that it attracted the attention of Personal Art. Already a pop art studio renowned to be the only one offering 18 different pop art styles at one place, this launch is a colourful feather in the pop art hat.
The Personal Art studio also plans to live up to its image of offering something unique for its customers, while keeping it low on price and easy to order. To offer this uniqueness, the studio will bring a variety whereby buyers can pick up from a large and growing database of styles. For the ease, one will be able to create portraits simply off the digital photos of their choice. However, the low price is just on offer for a limited time, so that more pop art lovers can join in the fun.
If you have not yet experienced the caricature form of art, you are invited to soak in it at the virtual studio’s destination here. It’s easy to order too! Simply follow the steps, select the style and email us the photos. Or feel free to email us at info@personal-art.me.uk for more information.

- April 2nd, 2012 - Press Release

Launching 4 NEW STYLES in personal pop art portraits!!

Bilal I Mondrian I Patch Collage I Personal Polygons

Personal Art, a global pop art studio that caters to customers through its online store launched four new styles in pop art. The Bilal, Mondrian, Patch Collage and Polygons styles were thus launched on 2nd April, 2012.
polygones polygones-portrait
Personal Art Pop Art Options
For those who know about the studio, this comes as good news, for they can select from a growing base of pop art styles. For those who are new to the name, the Personal Art studio helps you create timeless pop art portraits from ordinary digital photos, in a style that you choose. Their gallery now has a total of 25 pop art styles and other variations giving customers a wide variety of art to choose from. The styles include Warhol, Lichtenstein, sketch portraits, Ultrasound art, Obama campaign style, silhouette style, monochromatic art, delftware, classic collages and street art. And of course, a range of gift certificates are also waiting.
mondrian-photo-collage bilal-portrait
Pop Art Printing Options
Prints can be taken on a range of mediums too. Wood, natural slate, canvas, paper and ceramic are available options. Gifts like puzzles, key chains, wall clocks and wristwatches are also available for printing.
The Personal Art Studio is an ideal place for discerning customers, who are looking for quality pop art portraits of themselves, friends, family, for home décor or office décor. Ordering at the site is easy, and can be done following the simple online steps. If you are a pop art enthusiast, visit the store today. Check out the new styles and the old established ones too, before making the final choice.

- January 23rd, 2012 - Press Release


Personal Art launches Valentine’s Day Pop Art 2012


Personal Art launches Valentine’s Day Pop Art 2012

.....For all those planning to gift something unusual this Valentine, Personal Art studio brings in good news. Pop Art portraits of ‘you and yours’ in fascinating designs are their latest launch. Featured in Warhol style, street art style, silhouette and monochromatic styles, these portraits are definitely great gifts. What makes them even more enticing is that they are not just printable on canvas, but other mediums too.

Timeless Valentine Portraits

....‘After digital photographs have captured your best moments together, our portraits immortalize them into a timeless piece of pop art’, says owner of the studio, Ronan Le Breton. The portraits are great for home décor and look excellent for bedrooms, lounge areas or even living rooms. Many customers continue to buy their themed art, which includes customizing diverse objects in the room with pop art.

Download Image :

Personal-Art's Valentine's Day Poster -HiRes-300dpi

Personal-Art's Valentine's Day Poster -LoRes-072dpi



== Valentine's Day by Personal-Art ==


About Personal Art studio

....Personal Art Studio began operations in 2003, and has been creating amazing pop art portraits ever since. Over time, the studio has expanded its range of styles and also its geographical reach to span various countries. The studio today services an international client base through its virtual store of www.personal-art.me.uk.


Pop Art and Gifts

....Other than offering pop art portraits, the store specializes in providing pop art gifts also. It currently offers pop art personalized gifts of key chains, mugs, t-shirts, wall clocks, wrist watches and also canvas bags.

Download Image :

Young Couple - Classic Warhol Pop Art -HiRes-300dpi

Young Couple - Classic Warhol Pop Art -LoRes-072dpi



== Young Couple - Classic Warhol Pop Art ==


==Sexy Couple in 'Scanner Darkly' Style==

==Just Married - Street Art==


Sexy Couple in 'Scanner Darkly' Style -HiRes-300dpi

Sexy Couple in 'Scanner Darkly' Style -LoRes-072dpi

Just Married - Street Art -HiRes-300dpi

Just Married - Street Art -LoRes-072dpi


==Romantic Couple - Classic Warhol Pop-Art==

==Pink Couple in i-silhouette style==


Romantic Couple - Classic Warhol Pop-Art -HiRes-300dpi

Romantic Couple - Classic Warhol Pop-Art -LoRes-072dpi

Pink Couple in i-silhouette style -HiRes-300dpi

Pink Couple in i-silhouette style -LoRes-072dpi


==Romantic Couple - Pastel Pop Art==

==Street-Art Gay Couple==


Romantic Couple - Pastel Pop Art -HiRes-300dpi

Romantic Couple - Pastel Pop Art -LoRes-072dpi

Street-Art Gay Couple -HiRes-300dpi

Street-Art Gay Couple -LoRes-072dpi


==Elder Couple - Classic Warhol Pop-Art==

Elder Couple - Classic Warhol Pop-Art -HiRes-300dpi

Elder Couple - Classic Warhol Pop-Art -LoRes-072dpi

==Couple - Lichtenstein's Style portrait==

Couple - Roy Lichtenstein Style -HiRes-300dpi

Couple - Roy Lichtenstein Style -LoRes-072dpi


==Dogs - Classic Warhol Pop-Art==

Dogs - Classic Warhol Pop-Art -HiRes-300dpi

Dogs - Classic Warhol Pop-Art -LoRes-072dpi

==Cats - Classic Warhol Pop-Art==

Cats - Classic Warhol Pop-Art -HiRes-300dpi

Cats - Classic Warhol Pop-Art -LoRes-072dpi




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