Ultrasound Pop Art - Zoomed USG Portrait

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Ultrasound Pop Art - Zoomed USG Portrait
As the name implies, zoomed portraits comprise of the baby’s structure expanded in a manner to fit the entire portrait. Instead of simply replicating an image from the USG, we expand it in order to give a clear view of the baby’s head and body.

The portrait makes use of both natural and pop art colours to make it look realistic and creative. Note the usage of blood reds, bright yellows and watery blues. All these colours represent an extended idea of life. Also we avoid grays and blacks in such portraits.

You can opt to have the USG readings on the portrait. You can also decide on the number of panels you would like on the picture. And finally, you can decide on the materials you would like to print the image on. While canvas is highly recommended, you can also opt to have this image on timepieces, cups, t-shirts or even a key chain. So if you want a portrait done in this manner, check out the samples and tell us what you like.