Ultrasound Pop Art - Complete USG Portrait

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Ultrasound Pop Art - Complete USG Portrait
Instead of taking the focus completely on to the baby, a complete USG portrait retains all the elements of a USG. The environment in which the baby lies, the readings of the graph, the baby’s entire shape are all retained in the scan. This is an ideal choice if you want to capture the USG in entirety. It is also recommended to opt for this portrait, if you have an excellent scan of the unborn child.

The portrait uses a rich mix of colours that depict life and its extended form. Note the usage of bright pop art colours of pinks, reds, green and orange over the dull ones of gray and black. If you have more than one scan and want to use all of them in the picture, we recommend you check out the various styles in panels. If there is something you like, let us know and we will design your personalized USG portrait in that manner.