Photo Collage Pop Art - Crystallized Collage

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Photo Collage Pop Art - Crystallized Collage
If you find the classic arrangement of photographs boring, then the crystallized arrangement is just the right choice for you. Arranged like the different faces of a crystal, this style can fit in 24 different pictures and six different colours, all into one large print.

The crystallized collage form is a variation of the classic Andy Warhol style and stems from the need of artists to do things differently. This collage is excellent when you want many pictures on a single frame and need something really special. The crystallized collage is also special for its irregular count of edges that make it easier to align photos at interesting angles.

Put in pictures of the whole family or narrate an entire relationship through the series of digital photographs. This medium is also an excellent gift for someone you love, if you have all the relevant photos to create it. Ideal as an anniversary gift, most crystallized collages are an ideal showcase for any theme.

At Personal Art, we ensure that each crystallized collage is designed keeping the ultimate theme in mind. Each photograph is worked upon individually, to create the desired look and effect. Because of our minute attention to every detail, the quality of collages at our store is much superior than anywhere else.