Obama Campaign Portrait - Personal Campaign Art

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Obama Campaign Portrait - Personal Campaign Art
A famous portrait style nowadays! Our artists master it perfectly, and here added a touch of their own, with pink, cream and brown colours, with or without a repeated heart pattern as a background.
Take a look at some of the close ups above, to see the quality of the art work. If you click on a thumbnail on the right, the picture will appear in the big square box on the left. We strongly suggest that before ordering, you select the sample portrait that most closely matches your tastes: This will give us an indication of what to do for your fist preview. You can also, further on, leave us more precise –or utterly different - directions for your portrait.

Considering our experience and our customer’s feedback during all those past years, we can assure you of the great pleasure a pop-art portrait in this great and superb style will give, to you, or to the ones you love if it’s a gift.