Lichtenstein-Style Portrait - Comic Lichtenstein Portraits

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Lichtenstein-Style Portrait - Comic Lichtenstein Portraits
Inspired by the popular pop art of Lichtenstein, his comic portraits are like his signature style. The images are sharp and convey emotions. The style also makes use of blurb like elements to express what the character wants to say.

We at Personal Art make things even better, by personalizing the comic style portrait for you in Lichtenstein style. If you have always wondered how you would look in a comic strip, then this is the perfect way to find out. Based on his classic style, the comics of Lichtenstein are different in the sense that the main character in the story is you.

Within the comic style too, a range of options are available, and we recommend that you go through them at leisure. Choose a style you like or adapt a style to suit your individual requirements. You can also get in touch with our experts to create a comic style unique to your persona.