Lichtenstein-Style Portrait - Classic Lichtenstein Portraits

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Lichtenstein-Style Portrait - Classic Lichtenstein Portraits
Greatly influenced by commercial advertising and old comic strips, the classic Lichtenstein portraits have a unique look about them. The compositions are precise and often accompanied with tongue-in-cheek humour. Also note the usage of bright colours, dots and contour lines, features special to this form of pop art.

From a single frame to more than one, classic Lichtenstein portraits can also narrate an experience through photographs. So if there is anything creative that you would like to experiment with, feel free to contact our experts.

You can also choose to simply convert your photographs into classic Lichtenstein portraits with the help of our experts. Through the means of our experienced team, you can convert your photograph into a classic portrait and also include a relevant message. If you desire, you can use more images than one to make a classic portrait.