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Personal Art Pop Art

Personal Art Pop Art

Pop art artists from across the world gain their inspirations from diverse sources. While iconic artists inspire some, everyday life and its beauty inspires the others. In this post, we bring forth some things that have inspired creative artists over time.

Work environment

The extrinsic environment in which an artist grows up or in which he/she is nurtured is a great source of inspiration. Ordinary life and all the mundane things we do, combined with the actions and reactions of people in it, often shape the design of what the artists draw.

Virtual Internet

The Internet is another area of inspiration. With many artists connecting and coming together, and with so many sites that work to showcase or promote art, it presents the best and most recent collections of art. What’s more, it breaks the global barriers and helps build bridges where none existed.

Museums and Galleries

Museums and galleries also continue to inspire many people from across the world. The Andy Warhol museum is one such source. Forever changing, adapting and improvising, this museum is very much like the artist it was created for: Andy Warhol. It goes without saying that the collections at the museum are huge. There are approximately 900 paintings, a hundred sculptures, works on paper, films and videos that have been preserved over time. The museum is a living example, of an artist who shaped the future of art and made it realistic, true and on the face.

Intrinsic inspiration

The sources of inspiration are not always extrinsic, but also intrinsic in nature. Feelings, imagination and experiences often direct the style of art that artists design and portray. The bright contrast in colours, or the darker somber shades are often a result of some such intrinsic design.

Different artists are inspired in different ways. Personal Art, is a studio where the artists work together to create art that is both beautiful and practical. The sources of inspiration here are both extrinsic and intrinsic too. And we nurture those inspirations and encourage their creativity to blossom.

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