Few Interesting Watches that make a fashion statement

Pop art wristwatch

Pop art wristwatch

Wristwatches today are no longer simply timepieces that tell you the time. They are in fact much more. Available in a range of brand names, plethora of styles and fashions and great many colours, shapes and sizes, they are an irreplaceable fashion accessory. What makes them even more desirable, is that they are functional, other than being simply fashionable. While most of us are familiar with the budding range of watches today, in this article, we thought of listing some great wristwatch styles that you may have overlooked.

Retro watches

With dials and straps looking like they belong to another time and era, retro watches are popular with many people today. The analog dials, and thick straps continue to be desirable. An added advantage is the look of modern style, that helps one differentiate, these watches from your grandma’s.

Faceless watches

Creativity and design take a whole new meaning with the faceless watches. This style does not have the most basic thing of a watch: the dial. Pressing a button on the side shows up the hands of the needle on the outer frame.

Photo wristwatches

Many stores, especially online, let you personalize your watch, with a photograph. All you need to do is email your photo to the store and they will get a watch design ready with your picture on the dial. Few brick and mortar stores offer this facility too, and can give you a good choice of watch designs to select from also. However, when you order for such a wristwatch, ensure that the brand promotes quality, is reasonably priced and is accompanied with product warranty also.

Pop art wristwatches

A step ahead from photo watches are the pop art versions. If you are a die-hard pop-art fan, then this option is the best for you. Also, if you want your watch to ooze style and class, there is no better way to show it than with these watches. Few online studios that deal with popart can help to convert a good digital photo of yours to a chosen art style and then print it on a watch of your choice. These make for great gifts too, for the people you love, your family, friends and even for kids.

Today there are many unusual styles available in the market for watches. However, the more its unusual(ity) the higher is its usual price. Do consider the basic function and ease of usage too, when you buy watch. After all, the basic function should never be overlooked when compared to style.

When you are investing in an unusual watch style, then it helps to be careful. Ensure that the brand you deal with can offer you  quality and a good range of styles. Cross check prices with other stores before you finalize. And ask for product warranty and return policies at the store. If you are looking at pop art watches, then ask the store to send you a picture preview on the dial of the watch, so you can be sure of what the final product will look like.


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