Dog Art

Sketch Style Dog Art

Sketch Style Dog Art

They say ‘Dogs are a man’s best friend’, and its not without reason. Amongst the various animals, it is dogs that stay most loyal to their master. Many cultures also refer to dogs as the only animal that think first for its master, and then for the benefit of itself.

Dog owners will vouch for the fact that they make great friends too. They will wait upon you, listen to your troubles, accompany you for walks, look out for you and help you in innumerable ways. Most pet dogs form a deep bond with their masters, and once you’ve brought this hairy friend home, you’ve fallen in love.

Dog art popularity

Dog art is thus extremely popular. Portraits with your pet dog are often done in photography style. However, with pop art, like what is offered at Personal Art, the options become even more fun. You can opt for a range of portrait styles to depict the nature of your animal-friend.

The occasion

People commission this form of art for various reasons. For families where their dogs play a central role, it is common to see their portraits. Some even opt for portraits as a birthday reminder of their favourite pet. Festival portraits like in the Christmas style are also commonly opted for. For some, the portrait is a timeless memory of a beloved dog lost.

The styles

There are a wide variety of styles in which dog art can be commissioned. Other than photo art, one can also opt for andy Warhol art, Lichtenstein style, scanner darkly pet art, collage styles and even sketch portraits.

The prints

Once a design is made and approved for your pet, you can choose to print it on mediums of your choice. The popular options include prints on paper, canvas, wood and plastic. You can also opt for novel mediums like natural slate or metal. Gift items on which printing can be undertaken include watches, clocks, key chains, tshirts and even mugs.

Dog art is a popular option today with many people opting for this innovative idea. If you too want to commission a dog portrait, send us a picture of your pet. We also recommend you to browse our pop art gallery or pet portrait samples to help you pick up a style you like.

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