Andy Warhol Prints

When one thinks of pop art, Andy Warhol is the first name that comes to mind. This great pop art artist and memorable icon popularized this form of art in more ways than one. It is thus no wonder, that Warhol prints are extremely popular. The most striking aspect about his form of art is the usage of bold colours, strong lines and depiction of character through the right mix. The bold portraits of Marylin Monroe by Warhol are thus extremely popular and well sought out after. Today, prints are not just available of what the artist once draw, but inspired prints are becoming increasingly popular too. It is now possible to convert your photo into portrait in this style, by using the services of a good pop art studio. Personal Art, a UK focused studio that provides personalised pop art from digital photos, offers four distinct variations of this style.


Classic Personal Warhol Portrait

The bold colour contrasts are legendary of this style and will stay with us even if a thousand years pass by. The Classic style keeps these elements alive and translates them on to your digital photos. Our techniques help you convert your photo to portrait in the classic style.


Pastel Portraits

Inspired by the colours of the classic style, yet using a pastel palette is this variation. Here the basic elements are by the artist, but the colours are toned down for people who want their pop art to complement home décor. These portraits are wonderful variations and a must-look.


Texture Art

True artists will tell you, that addition of minute grainy elements to a portrait can make it look really life-like. The texture art variation of the standard design, achieves just that. Tiny grains are added to classic or pastel versions to create texture art that looks real and looks great.


Collage Style

Finally, the collage style of portrait. Ever popular as an option for wedding, birthday or special event collages, this style looks great for any occasion. Besides holding an entire story within it, the collage style is made extremely artistic with the artist’s style.


Other than the Andy Warhol museum, that houses an extensive collection of his works, the Personal Art studio is a place where a large collection of personal portraits in Warhol and more styles can be found. Our virtual gallery is easy to browse and our system makes it easier to place your online order. We also print on a range of mediums for your gifting and home décor convenience.

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