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The Personal Art blog is an extension of the Personal Art Studio, created to share pop art styles, history, future, options and ideas with our growing community. Through this blog we hope to keep our readers informed on the latest developments in the world of pop art, while giving them innumerable ways to pop art themselves.

Everything over, under and beyond pop art is also discussed here. This includes decor ideas for specific rooms in the house, office decor and personalised fashion ideas too. You also gain access to a world of innovative gifting ideas ranging from watches, clocks to puzzles and tshirts.  Gifts for special occasions like Valentine’s Day or Christmas Day are also offered here.

Feel free to browse through our various blogs and share your comments/feedback with us. Also, if there are any specific topics that you would like us to address in our upcoming blogs, do let us know.

The Personal Art team welcomes you to the blog and wishes you and enjoyable stay!!

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